Poker for all those who do not practice

imagesPoker for all those who do not practice! Honestly I met a lot of people talking about a mere poker card game where you have to gain, nor lose, and even in some cases have more to lose than to gain and false. That assumption is only for those who do not know how fascinating and how hot is if you know how to play poker for fun and not for money. It requires first a heart to think to the future and to target the money but not the results, it is very hard to believe especially since the money comes from the results so if you try and think hard about these things and you propose to do these results may not bear fruit in the short term and it takes some time to get up there. So are some of the few tips that you can give and I can tell those who look outside the poker world without the power and desire to enter into her world … Good luck and try not to criticize poker players, because only they know what the world is really his. Well I hope this article was useful, try to do not stay too much without poker!

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About motivation!

imagesWell as everyone know poker is a game where you have to be very careful what to do and especially the most important thing is to know how to stop. Many who practice the game all trying to win the bet and losing huge sums trying to recover it by borrowing from friends or even worse end up doing borrow in bank . Poker for some even represent an important source of earning and to lead their daily life .Everyone who began playing poker as a draw hope to become a big star and that he will gain very well but I do not know what it is like to get up it takes a lot perseverence .Ideea work and most important is to know when to stop and when to get up and leave. These are some of the most basic rules of the game, the rest are just coming right side has these rules. But to be more motivated it takes patience and perseverance and a model to follow in life and try to get him on his performance. If you really do this when it will be much easier to get where you want in a very short time! Try to follow this sample steps to be the best! Don’t never give up!

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Why it’s not good to play poker when you are tired?

Why it's not good to play poker when you are tired?

Why it’s not good to play poker when you are tired?

Why it’s not good to play poker when you are tired? It’s just a little rule of those who play poker for a long time and is linked not to play poker when you are tired because your brain reacts just as it should be stress or nerves, so it is much better to do it when ‘re rested and ate, then it becomes very clear and very concise. With all your senses poker grow very much and then you have more chances to win! You can play poker at home in front of your PC is very nice and the atmosphere is so free you’re not pressured by anyone or anything, and if music makes you concentrate harder is better, because it can can really motivate and push to victory. Great care, however, that music is not disturbing element, that he has to interrupt the game of poker will not distract at all, it is advisable to give as slowly and not be music in her voice to be just something very reassuring and relaxed. Poker is very useful not only for the brain but also help you calculate faster and the power of concentration is higher. Play money poker as nothing would happen without you thinking about money because they can lead to perdition. Money should be the last thing you should think, were thinking that you have nothing and you have nothing to lose will be more relaxed and not

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Why I love poker?

Why I love poker? A rather trivial question for those who have this passion in blood as children and who plays poker just to pass the time, but for me one poker is all I need for me to show free and strong focus on what do. If you do not play poker if the day is too banal, devoid of all charm. Poker came into my blood from a very early age, about 8 years old I started to see what poker is really over about two years and then we started to play, because then no one mind me being too small, about 15 years ago after the beginning of my poker career.

I enough patience and experience to do what I want in terms of poker and not only but everywhere I gained enough experience in all areas. Considering some situations, I think poker has a very important role in my life and has greatly contributed to my maturity, she was indifierent sooner or later, the fact is that we thank those who have Sutin and encouraged me throughout my career as a player, I will continue to play poker until you die, this certainly will not be too soon. Throughout my travels I met many time critical situations too could not get out so easily, but sometimes I gave sometimes I managed to succeed and move forward without making too many mistakes. So that’s my story about poker, and his world, I hope you like it, and follow all steps to be a  good poker player.

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Questions and answers!

I have a lot of peoples asking me how to find if a casino is trusted or not. They find them on google, they come with a lot of bonuses and prizes and they are tempted to try but they are not sure if the casino is trusted or not.

Well, here is how i do that. There is no 100% sure solution but i’m telling you how i do it. Example: casino sss
1. I search to see if there are enough listing about sss
A casino should have more then 100 listings on any search engine
2. i check the pagerank of the website. If the site has a pagerank bigger then 4 then its ok. The bigger the better
3. i ask my friends
4. I check some review websites www.bingo111.com its a good site for bingo www.onbet.net its good because has a list with the best casinos

Online poker or real poker?

I always liked to play poker. But the most i like to play with my friends. Of course, i cannot play with them all the time so from time to time i prefer to play online. There are many places where you can play cards online so i spend my free time playing vs computer. Its not so fun but i like it

How do you see the 2 types of poker i mentioned. I like em both but i think i will vote for real poker

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Roulette game!

I like to play games online a lot. I don’t play just the usual funny web games but i also like to play roulette games. I searched for a site to get roulette downloadable software and later I was playing it right from my computer.

Why I like to play roulette online?

I like to play roulette online because I don’t BXP52521like to go to a Casino. Of course I can visit an online casino anytime and this is my preferred way to play roulette.

Why It’s so spread around the world roullete game?

Well everyone ask this, and the answer it’s huge amount of money! Well it’s very easy to play roulette but sometimes it’s so hard to won. Too much players lose everything when they play, and the first reason why they lose it’s no-experience level. If you wanna be a good player on roulette, you must lears everything about this game and to make a tactic, to try to won.

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